The order shipping after the order confirmation from the system within 3 working days. (Usually shipped the next business day)

+ All products from Winepoems delivered to 4 methods:

  1. With postal courier (ELTA door to door)
  2. With Transport Agency (for deliveries in Preveza large volume or weight)
  3. On receipt from the store
  4. Post Mail (for international shipments) (Shipping within the European Union no up to 2 bottles , Shipments in the United States of America are not carried out)


We always try to choose the most economic shipping method for you.

For this reason we can not determine the exact cost of transport in advance, except during the order process.

For shipments within Greece by choosing shipping method ELTA door door summed shipping costs to the checkout, you can also select how to send a transport agency for large packs and orders, in this case the receipt of your order we will inform you immediately the cheapest shipping costs by email.

For International shipments because indefinite volume order upon receipt of your order we will notify you immediately about the cheapest shipping costs by email.


What should I do if a product arrived broken or spoiled wine?

The products that supports and promotes our e-shop have been carefully selected by experts and having regard to the supplied quality of the producer or our supplier. Our products are stored in temperature-controlled areas strictly observe the storage specifications, and maintenance of any product.
Despite continued efforts to promote the products to our customers in perfect condition, there are few cases in which a product can be damaged without -most times; to our responsibility.

We accept product returns that are damaged, without any restriction, as long as the problem found by you and inform us about the latest after seven days of receipt of the product. Please our customers to inform us through the website “Contact Us” choosing as a communication entitled “Towards an order” and indicating the exact problem. Responsible partner may contact the customer on the customer is informed of the acceptance of the return by email.

In an indication of the problem please declare if you wish to return the money in your account or to replace the defective product. The customer must return the defective product so that we can inform you about our supplier. Return is free of charge for the customer, no refund or replacement of the product made after receipt by the of damaged product.

 How will I return the money I gave to cancellation of my order or return?

Any refund to the customer for any reason shall be done only by crediting the customer’s account from which it was acquired money.

Can I consult you in choosing a wine for an event that paved?

It is real pleasure to communicate with our friends and customers and delighted to be given us the opportunity to advise them about the wine they choose them for some event. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us, send us an email, contact us generally.

If the product shown in the photo is different from the description what applies?

For all products the description applies. It some cases the picture may differ description (eg at harvest), but always be taken as the correct description and identification of the tab of the product.

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