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T he cellar Oinopoiimata, with a long presence in the area of ​​quality wine and excellent service adds to the activities of the creation of an online store in order to satisfy both the functional needs of on line sales and the taste requirements of customers and friends wine. .
F ocused on promoting Greek wine products in the Greek and international market, while seeking and acquaintance of Greek wine lover to wine production, the varieties of the most famous wine regions outside the Greek borders.
O ur ambition is the right service for our friends and clients, and the word "right" we mean both your systematic information, and the excellent service of your requirements in variety, quality, delivery speed, consistency, and of course, prices. By systematic information, we aim both to gradually update and introduce new friends to the secrets of wine quality, and to information and exchange views with the already wine connoisseurs.
T he choice and the presence of our products, we first need to satisfy ourselves, to find our own place in the table and then be proposed to you. In this way we seek, as in our physical store, to form a personal relationship with wine lovers to listen to the real needs and give value to money.

Our online store

the flavors of the world in our online store
With excellent service, we aim to discharge you from whatever would come an obstacle to the enjoyment of the products you order us..

Selling to us means and assistance in choosing the right wine, whether this relates to your everyday enjoyment, or the success of a friendly or formal dinner, whether in perfect appearance and quality of your personal and corporate gifts.

The hectic pace of modern life, they no longer are an obstacle to both you and your friends can enjoy all those products that you can find a well-stocked wine cellar.

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